About Natual Pest Repellents

Naturalpestrepellents.com is a product of my own experiences dealing with pests around the house and trying to keep my family safe from the various biting insects that attack each summer. In addition to dealing with pests and protecting my family I also wanted to use natural plant based products when possible. While there are tons of suggestions online for how to naturally repel ticks, mice, or whatever pest your fighting, most of these recommendations are not based on solid scientific research.

To make sure I’m not wasting time I started cross referencing online suggestions with research backed studies to prove the idea is valid. In this process i also discovered that no one or two ideas for natural pest repellents should be used alone. Rather most research recommends combining multiple methods to create a pest management plan.

Seldom if ever did I find studies that conclude with simple actionable plans. After reading dozens of studies on pest repellents and strategies I started to combine these into actionable plans. Since most of the annoying pests that want to invade our house and bit our kids also transmit disease I decided to post my pest management ideas for anyone and everyone to read.

Even natural ingredients contain chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. While the ideas presented on this site have worked for my family please consult your doctor or vet before applying anything on your skin or your pet. In addition to personal health precautions its also best to test products such as lawn treatments on small areas prior to using on your entire property.

All content on this site is designed for informational purposes only. Please consult medical, veterinary, lawn, garden, or the appropriate expert prior to implementing these ideas.